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  1. nominative/accusative neuter singular of sierer


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From the same stem as the adjective sūrs (bitter) (q.v.), from which it is ultimately derived, in the (older) form *sūris or *sūrs, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *sū́ˀras; the original meaning was thus “bitter (one)”.

The vowel was later changed under the influence of the common expression siet sieru “to make (lit. tie, bind) cheese”. Cognates include Lithuanian sū́ris, Old Prussian suris (sūris), sur (sūr), Russian, Belarusian сыр (syr), Ukrainian сир (syr), Bulgarian си́рене (sírene), Czech sýr, Polish ser, Old Norse sýra (sour milk), Old High German, Old English sūr, German sauer, English sour.[1]


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siers m (1st declension)

  1. cheese (dairy product made from curdled or cultured milk)
    siera ražošanacheese production
    skābpiena sierssour milk cheese
    kausētais siersprocessed cheese
    ciets, pusciets, mīksts siershard, semi-hard, soft cheese
    trekns, liess siersfat, lean milk
    Latvijas, Holandes siersLatvian, Dutch cheese
    zaļais siersblue cheese
    siet sieruto prepare (lit. to tie, to bind) cheese (in the form of a circular disc, by wrapping it with cloth and placing it under pressure)
    biezpiens un siers ir ļoti labi bioloģiski vērtīgu olbaltumvielu, kalcija un fosfora avoticurd and cheese are very good sources of biologically valuable proteins, calcium and phosphorus
  2. (in the genitive, used adjectivally) cheese; made of cheese; with added cheese
    siera salāti'cheese salad
    siera maizītecheese bun
    siera radziņicheese croissants
    siera cepumicheese biscuits, crackers
    siera sviestam patīkama garša un aromātscheese butter (has) pleasant taste and aroma



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