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snifter ‎(plural snifters)

  1. A small alcoholic drink.
    • 1917, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Oakdale Affair, ch. 1:
      "I guess you're a regular all right. Here, have a snifter?" and he pulled a flask from his side pocket, holding it toward The Oskaloosa Kid.
  2. A pear-shaped glass for drinking brandy or other alcoholic beverages.
    • 2003 Jan. 20, "Getting Saucy," Time:
      [H]e springs to another wooden vat and turns a valve, filling a snifter with a warm amber liquid. . . . Bang holds the liquid up to the light, swirls it around, takes a sniff of the pungent bouquet, puts the glass to his lips—and gives a satisfied smile.