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A physical sock puppet (1).

Alternative forms[edit]


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sock puppet (plural sock puppets)

  1. A puppet made from a sock placed over a hand.
  2. Synonym of puppet: A person completely controlled by another.
  3. (Internet, derogatory) An alternative pseudonymous online account, especially one used for abuse.
    Synonyms: sock, smurf account
    • 2009, Andrew Lih, The Wikipedia Revolution, page 303:
      Trying to prove that a new user is simply a previous user in a new sock puppet is quite hard for the ordinary user and even administrators.
    • 2014, Timothy R. Levine, Encyclopedia of Deception, Vol. II, s.v. Sockpuppetry:
      The Internet has created many opportunities for online voting. Unscrupulous people will create sock puppets in order to stuff online ballot boxes. In other cases, a sock puppeteer may create multiple identities to support arguments, voice opinions, or otherwise create the online illusion that may people support the sock puppeteer. This practice is called a "Sybil attack" []

Derived terms[edit]



sock puppet (third-person singular simple present sock puppets, present participle sock puppeting, simple past and past participle sock puppeted)

  1. (Wikimedia jargon) To create or use a sock puppet (alternative user account).

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