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Alternative forms[edit]


stand +‎ alone


stand-alone (not comparable)

  1. Operating, functioning, or existing without additions or assistance; independent; able to be separate or separated.
    They offer an inexpensive add-on for a computer, or a stand-alone system with all the functions built in.


See also[edit]


stand-alone (plural stand-alones)

  1. (rare) A device that can operate on its own, rather than as an accessory for another device.
    • 1985, Carole Boggs Matthews, Martin S. Matthews, Word Processing for the IBM PC and PCjr and Compatible Computers
      Standalone systems, also known as dedicated systems, are often thought to provide word processing cervices alone. In truth, some standalones — but not all of them — can be used for other functions as well.
      Also, some standalones can only be used for word processing; if you need other computer functions, you can't have them.
  2. (by extension) Something that is not a part of some series or sequence.
    • 2014, DiAnn Mills, Firewall
      This standalone will delight and draw readers of Christian romantic suspense like []