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Etymology 1[edit]

From the name of Alfred Henry Sturtevant.


sturt (plural sturts)

  1. (biology) In an embryo, an angle equal to two gons. If a mosaic forms in the embryo, the line passes between two organs with a probability, in percent, equal to the number of sturts between them.

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Etymology 2[edit]

Compare start.


sturt (plural sturts)

  1. (obsolete, Britain, Scotland, dialect) disturbance; annoyance; care
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  2. (mining) A bargain in tribute mining by which the tributor profits.
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sturt (third-person singular simple present sturts, present participle sturting, simple past and past participle sturted)

  1. (obsolete, Britain, Scotland, dialect) To vex; to annoy; to startle.