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Latin subsidens, subsidentis, present participle of subsidere.


  • IPA(key): /ˈsʌbsɪdəns/, /ˈsʌbsədəns/, /sʌbˈsaɪdəns/


subsidence (countable and uncountable, plural subsidences)

  1. The process of becoming less active or severe.
    • 1754, William Warburton, Sermon preached before the King, at Kensington, October 27, 1754
      The subdual or subsidence of the more violent passions.
  2. (geology) A sinking of something to a lower level, especially of part of the surface of the Earth due to underground excavation, seismic activity or underground or ground water depletion.
    • 1961 Novenber, “Talking of Trains: The subsidence problem”, in Trains Illustrated, page 651:
      Everyone knows that a main line running through a coalfield is prone to speed restrictions because of land subsidence. [...] The rate of subsidence may vary from less than an inch a month in the case of a deep seam of coal, to as rapid a decline as 16in a month above a shallow seam. The effect of subsidence on permanent way and civil engineering structures needs no emphasis.

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subsidence f (plural subsidences)

  1. (geology) subsidence

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