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From Latin supernaturalis, from super (above) + natura (nature; that which one is born with), from natus (born).


supernature (countable and uncountable, plural supernatures)

  1. The quality of being supernatural, or of a strange or uncertain nature.
    The problem of multiple sightings, however, is less easy to dismiss as an argument for the ghost's supernature.
    • 1891, William Douglas O'Connor, “The Brazen Android”, in Three Tales[1], page 181:
      "He might," said Bacon, "though I have small fear of his doubting the supernature of the android. He is much given to superstition, and his strange dream will confirm that bent of mind."
  2. (theology, philosophy) A level of existence above the physical or mundane; that which is above and beyond the material nature of something.
    • 1881, Joseph William Reynolds, The Mystery of Miracles[2], page 365:
      It is the most commont and grossest blunders of scientific diminutives, to imagine that all in nature is of nature. There are more excellent natures. We ascend the height of argument by means of supernatures. These supernatures are, so to speak, natural manifestations or degrees of the supernatural.
  3. The supernatural or occult realm.
    • 2008, Heonik Kwon, Ghosts of War in Vietnam[3], →ISBN, page 151-152:
      These peripheral ghosts earn large amounts of money in the streets, and the money they make is a convertible currency in the sense that it enables a contest of power with other higher social classes in supernature.

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