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A man’s sweater.

sweat +‎ -er.



sweater (plural sweaters)

  1. A knitted jacket or jersey, usually of thick wool, worn by athletes before or after exercise.
  2. (US) A similar garment worn for warmth.
  3. One who sweats (produces sweat).
    • 2007, John T. James, A Sea of Broken Hearts: Patient Rights in a Dangerous Profit-Driven Health Care System, ISBN 9781467097116, page 29:
      The cardiologist who administered Alex's exercise stress test on August 21 observed during that test that Alex was a profuse sweater.
  4. One who or that which causes to sweat.
    • 1906, Chesterton, Charles Dickens, chapter 3
      We learn of the cruelty of some school or child-factory from journalists; we learn it from inspectors, we learn it from doctors, we learn it even from shame-stricken schoolmasters and repentant sweaters; but we never learn it from the children; we never learn it from the victims.



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