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tấm (𥹀, 𥺑)

  1. broken or fractured rice grains
    truyện Tấm CámThe Story of Tam and Cam (Broken-Rice and Rice-Bran) (ancient Vietnamese tale)

Derived terms[edit]

Derived terms


tấm (𤗲, 𬌓, 𬌔)

  1. Used for large flat things, such as pieces of cloth (vải), planks (ván), boards (gỗ), pictures (ảnh, hình), mirrors (gương), etc.
  2. (literary) Used for small or seemingly insignificant things that are deemed valuable or worth cherishing.
    tấm thânbody
    tấm lòng vàngheart of gold
    tấm chồnga husband (that is ideal, that one can rely on for one's livelihood)
    Phụ nữ hơn nhau ở tấm chồng.The standard of comparison between two women is their husbands. (Vietnamese saying)