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From Ottoman Turkish طرامق(taramak),[1] from Proto-Turkic *tara- (to comb), possibly also related to Proto-Turkic *tar- (to scatter, spread)[2]. See dağılmak.

According to Nişanyan the verb is derived from “tār”, Middle Persian word for hair, though it doesn't exist in Turkic he gives the example of Mongolian тар (tar, bunch of hair, tassel). He also argues that Kashgari using tar-(tar-, to scatter) and tarā-(tarā-) interchangeably is due to confusion and they are not related.[3]



  1. (transitive) to comb
  2. (transitive) to comb, search thoroughly
  3. (transitive) to scan, to create a digital copy of an image using a scanner.
  4. (transitive) to dredge


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