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tattle +‎ -er



tattler (plural tattlers)

  1. One who tattles (notifies authorities of illicit behavior) or is inclined to do so; a tattletale.
    Synonyms: informant, narc, stool pigeon, tattletale; see also Thesaurus:informant
    My sister is a big tattler; she always tells Mommy when I hit her!
  2. Either of two similar bird species in the shorebird genus Heteroscelus (Tringa in some taxonomies).
  3. A device fitted to a vehicle to measure mileage etc.
    Synonym: tachograph
    • 1960, Edward Hogland, The circle home:
      A few truck drivers griped drowsily about the tattlers in their cabs which graphed the mileage per hour per day.
    • 2002, National Association of EMS Physicians, Prehospital Systems and Medical Oversight, page 270:
      Electronic monitors (black box, tattlers) help to define the actions of the driver during normal and emergent operation of the EMS unit.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The tattletale sense is generally applied only to children.