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thon +‎ -'s


thons (not comparable)

  1. (archaic) Belonging to thon, their (singular). Gender-neutral third-person singular possessive adjective, coordinate with his and her.
    • 1889 November, Converse, C. Crozat, “That Desired Impersonal Pronoun”, in The Writer[1], volume 3, number 2, Boston: William H. Hills, page 248:
      Every writer has "thons" verbal likes and dislikes, yet, for the sake of convenience, I trust that even "thon" who dislikes verbal innovations will give my little word a little trial and note for me the result.
    • 1895 July, quoting The Lynchburg Record, “The New Pronoun”, in The Public-School Journal[2], volume 14, number 11, Bloomington: Public-School Publishing Co., page 613:
      I hope that each student will have learned thons algebra lesson perfectly this morning.
    • 1895, Williams, Henry Graham, Outlines of Psychology[3], 3rd edition, Syracuse: C. W. Bardee, page 5:
      Every student should acquaint thonself with some method by which thon can positively correlate the facts of thons knowledge.



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thons m

  1. plural of thon