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From two +‎ way. Compare Old English twiweġ (intersection, junction of two roads).


two-way (not comparable)

  1. (of a highway) Allowing traffic in two directions.
  2. (of traffic, visibility) Moving or occurring in opposite directions.
  3. (of a radio, etc.) Permitting communication in two directions, i.e. both transmitting and receiving.
  4. (of a project, treaty, etc.) Involving the mutual action or participation of two parties.
  5. (American football) Playing both offense and defense in the same game.
  6. (statistics, of a table, etc.) Having or involving exactly two variables; bivariate.
    A two-way chart; a two-way table.

Derived terms[edit]



two-way (plural two-ways)

  1. (Cincinnati) A serving of Cincinnati chili with spaghetti.

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