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un- +‎ leaded. The US standard of identity comes from 40 CFR §79.32.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌʌnˈlɛd.əd/
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unleaded (not comparable)

  1. Without lead.
  2. (US standards of identity, of gasoline) Containing no more than 0.05 grams of lead per gallon.
  3. (US, slang, of coffee) Decaffeinated.
    • 1999, Chuck Fair, Deviants, →ISBN, page 31:
      I order a draft beer and a decaf coffee for Cha. The bartender tells me in a nice way they don't have unleaded coffee.
    • 2016, Charles L. McGranaghan, The Patriot Group, an American novel, →ISBN, page 368:
      “Could I get you a drink, coffee, or something?” “Unleaded coffee if Alex has any.”
  4. (Australia, slang, of beer) Having low alcohol content.
    • 2015, Dan Jenkins, You Gotta Play Hurt, →ISBN:
      Richie Pace ordered an unleaded beer.





  1. past tense of unlead


unleaded (usually uncountable, plural unleadeds)

  1. An unleaded fuel.
    • 1976, Newsweek (volume 87, page 292)
      Because one of the unleadeds just might turn out to be the right gasoline for your car. By right, I mean the one that gives you the best balance between price and performance.
    • 1984, Mechanix Illustrated (volume 80, page 18)
      Check the pumps and you'll see some economy unleadeds with octane (antiknock) ratings as low as 86; some quality unleadeds rate as high as 89.
  2. (US, slang) Decaffeinated coffee.
    • 2012, Sarah Samaan, Best Practices for a Healthy Heart, →ISBN:
      And while you may enjoy your morning coffee buzz, caffeine is active in the bloodstream for up to nine hours, so it is best to switch to unleaded after noon.
  3. (Australia, slang) Low-alcohol beer.