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Kara upuris (2)


A borrowing from Middle Dutch upper, or from Middle High German opper (cf. German Opfer), itself a borrowing from Latin operārī(to try, to strive for; to offer, to sacrifice). This word is first mentioned in 17th-century dictionaries


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upuris m (2nd declension)

  1. (religion, mythology) offering, sacrifice (object or living being offered to a god or gods in a religious ritual so as to satisfy them or win their favor)
    upura kalns‎ ― sacrificial hill
    upura jērs‎ ― sacrificial lamb
    bet Dievs upuri nav pieņēmis‎ ― but God did not accept the offering
  2. victim (living being, usually human, which is exposed to, or killed by, direct violence, or a disaster or catastrophe)
    kara upuris‎ ― war victim
    slepkavas upuris‎ ― the assassin's victim
    terora upuris‎ ― terror victim
    plūdu upuri‎ ― flood victims
    satiksmes negadījuma upuris‎ ― car accident victim
    ērglis metās uz savu upuri‎ ― the eagle threw itself on its victim
  3. (figuratively) victim (living being, usually human, who have to bear the unpleasant consequences of some act or event)
    alkohola upuris‎ ― a victim of alcohol
    sagadīšanās upuris‎ ― a victim of coincidence
    nepareizas audzināšanas upuris‎ ― a victim of improper upbringing
    savas godkārības upuris‎ ― a victim of one's own ambitions
  4. (figuratively) sacrifice (the act of giving up something for some ulterior purpose, goal)
    sabiedriskais darbs, Dievam žēl, prasa upurus; un arī izdevumus‎ ― social work, unfortunately, requires sacrifices; and also costs
    pēc Maijas nāves naivi domāju, ka neprecēšos nekad... tas bija smieklīgi, jo nevienam nebija vajadzīga šī atteikšanās, šis upuris‎ ― after Maija's death I thought naively that I would never get married... this was ridiculous, because nobody needed this renunciation, this sacrifice
    Kasparovs piedāvāja zirdziņa upuri‎ ― (Chess Master) Kasparov offered the sacrifice of a horse


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