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Kara upuris (2)


Borrowed from Middle Dutch upper, or from Middle High German opper (cf. German Opfer), itself a borrowing from Latin operārī (to try, to strive for; to offer, to sacrifice). This word is first mentioned in 17th-century dictionaries


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upuris m (2nd declension)

  1. (religion, mythology) offering, sacrifice (object or living being offered to a god or gods in a religious ritual so as to satisfy them or win their favor)
    upura kalnssacrificial hill
    upura jērssacrificial lamb
    bet Dievs upuri nav pieņēmisbut God did not accept the offering
  2. victim (living being, usually human, which is exposed to, or killed by, direct violence, or a disaster or catastrophe)
    kara upuriswar victim
    slepkavas upuristhe assassin's victim
    terora upuristerror victim
    plūdu upuriflood victims
    satiksmes negadījuma upuriscar accident victim
    ērglis metās uz savu upurithe eagle threw itself on its victim
  3. (figuratively) victim (living being, usually human, who have to bear the unpleasant consequences of some act or event)
    alkohola upurisa victim of alcohol
    sagadīšanās upurisa victim of coincidence
    nepareizas audzināšanas upurisa victim of improper upbringing
    savas godkārības upurisa victim of one's own ambitions
  4. (figuratively) sacrifice (the act of giving up something for some ulterior purpose, goal)
    sabiedriskais darbs, Dievam žēl, prasa upurus; un arī izdevumussocial work, unfortunately, requires sacrifices; and also costs
    pēc Maijas nāves naivi domāju, ka neprecēšos nekad... tas bija smieklīgi, jo nevienam nebija vajadzīga šī atteikšanās, šis upurisafter Maija's death I thought naively that I would never get married... this was ridiculous, because nobody needed this renunciation, this sacrifice
    Kasparovs piedāvāja zirdziņa upuri(Chess Master) Kasparov offered the sacrifice of a horse


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