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walk +‎ over


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walkover (plural walkovers)

  1. An easy victory; a walkaway.
    • 2013, Daniel Taylor, Steven Gerrard goal against Poland ensures England will go to World Cup (in The Guardian, 15 October 2013)[1]
      Along the way, there was another backdrop to this match, in the form of the goal updates from Serravalle informing everyone that Ukraine were on their way to the obligatory walkover against San Marino.
  2. (tennis) A bye or victory awarded to a competitor when a scheduled opponent fails to play a game.
  3. A horse race with only one entrant.
  4. Someone easy to defeat.
  5. (gymnastics) A backbend combined with a handstand.
  6. A type of railroad passenger car seat, having reversible seat backs that can be moved across the seat to face either direction of travel
    The train's walkover seats are turned by the crew.
    It took about 10 minutes to flip the walkovers in each car.
  7. An ecological survey carried out by walking across and examining a piece of land.


  • (a walkaway):
  • (bye or victory due to default of opponent):