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Alternative forms[edit]


white bread (usually uncountable, plural white breads)

  1. Bread made from white flour.
    Coordinate terms: brown bread, pain de mie, wholemeal bread
    • 1933, Edith Almedingen, "White Bread for Creeds" in The Catholic World, Vol. 136
      Yes—just become a Communist, and things get all right. Deny your Christ and they will give you white bread in plenty and clothes to wear—" He would hold his breath, would wonder and question: "What is white bread? And who is Christ?"
    • 1998, Csaba Teglas, Budapest Exit, Ch. vii, p. 73
      At one time, when the commandant felt especially indebted, he sent the other officers out of his office and opened the safe. There it was, securely hidden, an entire loaf of white bread. He cut a large slice, wrapped it in newspaper and, beaming, handed this precious gift to Ildikó. "Just for you. I, as the commandant, am entitled to some white bread," he said proudly. Ildikó was touched, not by the value of the gift but by the realization of the Russians' grave poverty.
  2. (US, ethnic slur, uncommon) A white person, a person of European descent, a person who 'acts white'.
    Synonyms: whitey, Caucasian; see also Thesaurus:white person
    • 1995, Mansfield Frazier, From Behind the Wall, 92
      ...they had become weary of being targeted for intimidation by black and Latino gangs in their multiracial neighborhood. They told stories of being taunted by racial slurs in high school, such as being called "white bread" and "cracker."
    • 2006, Michael Soltys, The Grass Is Green, 296
      Teyshawn wanted to yell whitebreads did it—fucking whitebreads.
    • 2011, Kathryn Grant, The Good Counselor, Act I, Scene ii
      evelyn. Fuck you, white bread.
      vincent. Oh, I'm white?
      evelyn. You don't act black.
      vincent. (smiling) And yet, people still treat me like I'm black.
    • 2013, Mary McVee, “Interracial Friendship & Enmity between Teachers & Students: Lessons of Urban Schooling from a 'Cracker Girl'”, in The Psychology of Friendship & Enmity, volume II, page 212:
      Bystanders shouted a racial slur, "white bread," at her.

Usage notes[edit]

The relative sophistication of the process of producing white flour initially created positive associations with progress and wealth; more recently, white bread's longer shelf-life, relative lack of flavor, and associations with harmful bleaching chemicals have created more neutral or even negative associations.

The ethnic term is more often encountered as an adjective.



white bread (comparative more white bread, superlative most white bread)

  1. (chiefly US, colloquial, derogatory) Bland, boring; flavorless.
    Synonyms: conventional, bourgeois, wonderbread; see also Thesaurus:boring, Thesaurus:insipid
    • 1983, Billy Joel (lyrics and music), “Uptown Girl”:
      She's been living in her white bread world / As long as anyone with hot blood can / And now she's looking for a downtown man
    • 1997 August 20, Trey Parker; Matt Stone, “Weight Gain 4000”, in South Park, season 1, episode 2, spoken by Mayor McDaniels:
      This is our chance to make a name for ourselves; to show that we're not just some piss-ant white-bread mountain town.
  2. (US ethnic slur) Of or relating to white people.
    Synonyms: Caucasian, wonderbread
    • 1993 November 15, Eric Pooley, “Can Giuliani Pull It Together?”, in New York, volume 26, number 45, page 53:
      [Rudy] Guiliani is hedging a bit, but he's not the white-bread cop so many blacks expect him to be.