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white goods pl (plural only)

  1. Domestic textiles, such as tablecloths, bedding, towels, etc. that were traditionally white in color.
  2. The large household appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines and driers as a group.
    • 2005, Donald F. Blumberg, Introduction to Management of Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop Supply Chain Processes, page 121
      At one time major appliances (white goods), washer, dryer, and refrigerator stores would last more than 20 years.
  3. (beverage industry) Colorless spirits, such as gin and vodka.
    • 2012 Dwight B. Heath, Drinking Occasions: Comparative Perspectives on Alcohol and Culture (Routledge, [[[Special:BookSources/113584187X|→ISBN]]]) "To every thing there is a season: When do people drink?" p.35:
      In the U.S., there has been a gradual shift from “brown goods” (darker colored drinks, such as whiskey and brandy) to “white goods” (lighter colored drinks, such as gin and vodka).


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