xin lỗi

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xin (to beg) +‎ lỗi (mistake).

The literal meaning of these two words is "to beg for someone's mistake", which some people might consider strange. It's possibly a shortened form of the more outdated literary form xin thứ lỗi/xin tha lỗi.



xin lỗi (吀纇)

  1. to apologise


xin lỗi (吀纇)

  1. I'm sorry (for my mistake/transgression)
    Xin lỗi, tớ không cố ý.
    Sorry, I didn't mean to do that.
  2. (polite) excuse me/pardon me (for intruding/disturbing you)
    Xin lỗi, cho hỏi đây có phải là nhà anh Tiến không ạ?
    Excuse me, is this Mr. Tiến's address?

Usage notes[edit]

  • For the English phrase I'm sorry (about this inconvenience / about your loss / what you've been through), translators may use rất tiếc / tiếc quá (that's a pity) or xin chia buồn với... (my condolences to...). For example:
    • Rất tiếc, chúng tôi hết phòng đôi rồi ạ.
      I'm sorry, we have run out of twin rooms.