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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English *yeld, from Old English *ġilde (valuable, of worth), from Proto-Germanic *gildiz (valuable, valid, wholesome, precious), from Proto-Indo-European *gheldh- (to pay for, repay). Cognate with Scots yauld (active, strong, mighty), Old Norse gildr (of full worth, size, measure, or quality; full; complete; absolute; great) (whence Icelandic gildur (valid, thick, prominent, important), Swedish gild (stout, of full size), Danish gild (brawny, of full size, fine). Related to yield.


yauld (comparative yaulder or more yauld, superlative yauldest or most yauld)

  1. (Now chiefly dialectal, Scotland) Vigorous; strong; healthy.
  2. (Now chiefly dialectal, Scotland) Active; sprightly; alert.
  3. (Now chiefly dialectal, Scotland) Supple; active; athletic; nimble.