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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (historical, narrowly) The systematic mass murder (genocide) of 6 million Jews perpetrated by Nazi Germany shortly before and during World War II.
  2. (historical, broadly) The systematic mass murder (democide) of 11 million people, namely 6 million Jews and 5 million others (including Romanis, Slavs, homosexuals, gender-nonconforming people, and people with physical and mental disabilities), perpetrated by Nazi Germany shortly before and during World War II.
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Usage notes[edit]

  • Whether the term "Holocaust" is a designation for the mass murder of 11 million people or only for the genocide of 6 million Jews is contested.[1]
  • The genocide of the European Jews may be unambiguously referred to as the Shoah. The genocide of the Romani people has the specific designation Porajmos.
  • For more information on the origin and early uses of the term holocaust, see the entry holocaust.


  • (mass murder of 6 million Jews): Shoah
  • the Nazi genocide


Coordinate terms[edit]

  • (mass murder of 6 million Jews): Porajmos (the genocide of the Roma)

Derived terms[edit]


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  1. ^ see e.g. Edward T. Linenthal, Preserving Memory: The Struggle to Create America's Holocaust Museum (Columbia University Press; 15 October 2001; ISBN-10: 0231124074; ISBN-13: 978-0231124072)



Proper noun[edit]

Holocaust m (genitive Holocausts)

  1. (historical) the Holocaust


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