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blackjack (plural blackjacks)

  1. (card games) A common gambling card game in casinos, where the object is to get as close to 21 without going over.
  2. (card games) A hand in the game of blackjack consisting of a face card and an ace.
  3. The flag (i.e., a jack) traditionally flown by pirate ships; popularly thought to be a white skull and crossed bones on a black field (the Jolly Roger). In older literature sometimes spelled "black jack".
  4. A small, flat, blunt, usually leather-covered instrument loaded with heavy material such as lead or ball bearings.
  5. A type of weed, Bidens pilosa, in the family Compositae.


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blackjack (third-person singular simple present blackjacks, present participle blackjacking, simple past and past participle blackjacked)

  1. To strike with a blackjack or similar weapon.