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See also: aere, aeré, aère, ære, and aéré



From Latin habēre, present active infinitive of habeō.



  1. to have


infinitive àere
gerund appende
past participle appidu
person singular plural
first second third first second third
indicative eo, deo tue isse/issa nois bois issos/ issas
present appo as at amus azis ant
past/ imperfect aia aias aiat aiamus/ aimus aiazis/ aizis aiant
preterite appesi apesti appesit appemus appezis appeint
future appo a aere as a aere at a aere amus a aere azis a aere ant a aere
perfect appo appidu as appidu at appidu amus appidu azis appidu ant appidu
pluperfect aia appidu aias appidu aiat appidu aiamus appidu aiazis appidu aiant appidu
future perfect app'aer appidu as aer appidu at aer appidu amus aer appidu azis aer appidu ant aer appidu
subjunctive eo, deo tue isse/issa nois bois issos/ issas
present appe appes appet appemus appezis appent
past/ imperfect aére/ appére aéres/ appéres aéret/ appéret aerèmus/ appéremus aerèzis/ appérezis aerent/ appèrent
perfect appe appidu appes appidu appet appidu appemus appidu appezis appidu appent appidu
pluperfect aere appidu aeres appidu aeret appidu aeremus appidu aerezes appidu aerent appidu
conditional eo, deo tue isse/issa nois bois issos/ issas
present dio aere dias aere diat aere diamus aere diazis aere diant aere
perfect dio aer appidu dias aer appidu diat aer appidu diamus aer appidu diazis aer appidu diant aer appidu
imperative tue isse/ issa nois bois issos/ issas
a appet amus azi appent