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Etymology 1[edit]

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взема (vzéma) (imperfective взе́мам or взи́мам)

  1. (transitive) to take (to grasp with the hands)
    Тя взе детето в ръцете си и го целуна. - She took the child in her arms and kissed him.
  2. (transitive) to take or carry with oneself when going from one place to another
    Забравих да си взема чантанта, когато отивах до магазина. - I forgot to take my bag with me when I went to the store.
    Когато отиваха до Варна, ни взеха със себе си. - When they were going to Varna, they took us with them.
  3. (transitive) to take (to get something into one's possession without permission or by mistake)
    Някой ми е взел книгата. - Someone has taken my book.
  4. (transitive) to take (to capture a place or person, to get control of something)
    Взеха го за заложник. - They took him hostage.
  5. (transitive) to take (to get something from somewhere)
    Учените вземат водни проби от реката. - The scientists are taking water samples from the river.
    От къде взехте тези ягоди? - Where did you get these strawberries from?
  6. (transitive) to take (to choose, to buy)
    Ще взема черните панталони. - I'll take the black trousers.
  7. (transitive) to take (to ingest medicine, drugs, etc)
    Вземам аспирин всеки ден, за да си разредя кръвта. - I take aspirin every day to thin my blood.
  8. (transitive) to take (to accept)
    Ако ми предложат работата, ще я взема. - If they offer me the job, I'll take it.
  9. (transitive) to take (to assume or interpret to be, to consider)
    За глупак ли ме вземаш? - Do you take me for a fool?
    Като го видях да влиза в стаята, го взех за баща му. - Looking at him as he came into the room, I took him for his father.
  10. (transitive) to pass an exam
    Взе ли шофьорския изпит? - Did you pass your driving test?
  11. (transitive) to take (to use)
    Нека днес да вземем автобуса. = Let's take the bus today.
  12. (transitive) to hire
    Взеха го на работа в компанията. - He was hired to work at the company.
  13. (transitive) to bring home, to collect
    Тя отиде да вземе сина си от училище. She's gone to collect her son from school.
  14. (transitive) to allow somebody or something to stay at your home, to take in
    Намерих това коте на улицата и го взех да го гледам. - I found this kitty in the street and I took it in to look after it.
    вземам квартиранти - to take in lodgers
  15. (transitive) to earn (to receive money for working)
    Колко вземаш на месец? - How much do you earn a month?
  16. (transitive) to marry, to take as wife or husband
    Кой ще я вземе такава грозница? - Who will marry such an ugly woman?
  17. (transitive, intransitive) to learn about something at school, to have studied a particular material
    Този материал все още не сме го вземали. - We haven't studied that material yet.
    Днес взехме за втората световна война. - Yesterday, we learned about the Second World War.
  18. (intransitive) to begin/start to do something
    Взе да вали. - It started raining.
    Взе да пише по-бързо - He/She started writing faster.

Etymology 2[edit]

See вземам (vzemam)


взема (vzéma)

  1. Third-person singular present indicative form of вземам.
  2. Second-person singular aorist indicative form of вземам.
  3. Third-person singular aorist indicative form of вземам.