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сту́кнуть ‎(stúknutʹpf ‎(imperfective стуча́ть or сту́кать)

  1. to knock
    сту́кнуть в(v) дверь(dverʹ)knock at the door
  2. to rap, tap
  3. to strike, bang, hit
    (colloquial) ско́лько тебе́ сту́кнуло?‎ ― skólʹko tebé stúknulo? ― how old are you (now)? (literally, "how many did it hit you"?)
    Игорю Никола́еву сего́дня сту́кнуло 50!‎ ― Igorju Nikolájevu sevódnja stúknulo 50! ― Igor Nikolayev turned 50 today!
    (colloquial) ему́ что́-то в голову́ сту́кнуло‎ ― jemú štó-to v golovú stúknulo ― he got some crazy (new) idea (literally, "something hit his head") (also used when somebody starts behaving strangely)
  4. (slang) to squeal on


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