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From тра̑г (trace, footstep), thus the original meaning being "to follow the traces of".


  • IPA(key): /trǎːʒiti/
  • Hyphenation: тра‧жи‧ти


тра́жити impf (Latin spelling trážiti)

  1. (transitive) to seek, look for, search (something that is lost, unknown, or not present)
    тражити некога — to look for somebody
    тражи се особа за рад у пекари — a person is wanted for work in the bakery
    тражи се — wanted, needed (in ads)
    тражити срећу — to seek happiness
    тражити помоћ — to seek help
    тражити посао — to look for a job
  2. (transitive) to stubbornly plead, demand, call for, request
    тражити правду — to demand justice
    ово тражи брзу реакцију — this calls for a rapid response
  3. (transitive, intransitive) to require
    биља за раст тражи воду — plant requires water for growth
  4. (transitive) to look up (word in a dictionary or reference work)
    тражити р(иј)еч у р(ј)ечнику — to look up a word in the dictionary
  5. (reflexive) to have no purpose in life yet, not to know what one wants yet, to have an identity crisis
    још се тражим — I'm still having an identity crisis
  6. idiomatic and figurative senses
    тражити пуно — to be demanding, ask a lot
    тражити одштету — to claim compensation
    што си тражио то си и добио — you asked for it



Derived terms[edit]