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Borrowed from Sanskrit उदय (udaya).


उदय (udayf (Urdu spelling ادی)

  1. sunrise, rising

Derived terms[edit]



उदय (ud-ayám

  1. going up, rising
  2. swelling up
  3. rising, rise (of the sun etc.), coming up (of a cloud)
  4. the eastern mountain (behind which the sun is supposed to rise)
  5. going out
  6. coming forth, becoming visible, appearance, development
  7. production, creation
  8. conclusion, result, consequence
  9. that which follows
  10. following word, subsequent sound
  11. rising, reaching one's aim, elevation
  12. success, prosperity, good fortune
  13. profit, advantage, income
  14. revenue, interest
  15. the first lunar mansion
  16. the orient sine (i.e. the sine of the point of the ecliptic on the eastern horizon)
  17. name of several men


Masculine a-stem declension of उदय
Nom. sg. उदयः (udayaḥ)
Gen. sg. उदयस्य (udayasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative उदयः (udayaḥ) उदयौ (udayau) उदयाः (udayāḥ)
Vocative उदय (udaya) उदयौ (udayau) उदयाः (udayāḥ)
Accusative उदयम् (udayam) उदयौ (udayau) उदयान् (udayān)
Instrumental उदयेन (udayena) उदयाभ्याम् (udayābhyām) उदयैः (udayaiḥ)
Dative उदयाय (udayāya) उदयाभ्याम् (udayābhyām) उदयेभ्यः (udayebhyaḥ)
Ablative उदयात् (udayāt) उदयाभ्याम् (udayābhyām) उदयेभ्यः (udayebhyaḥ)
Genitive उदयस्य (udayasya) उदययोः (udayayoḥ) उदयानाम् (udayānām)
Locative उदये (udaye) उदययोः (udayayoḥ) उदयेषु (udayeṣu)


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