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Etymology 1[edit]

킨 ←

탠 →


(transliterations: RR tan, RRT , McCune–Reischauer t'an, Yale than)

  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Korean reading of various Chinese characters


‎(tan) ‎(hanja )

  1. coal
  2. charcoal

‎(tan) ‎(hanja )

  1. ordnance



  1. : swallow
    (eumhun reading: 삼킬 ‎(samkil tan))
  2. : tolerant
    (eumhun reading: 너그러울 ‎(neogeureoul tan))
  3. : charcoal
    (eumhun reading: 숯 탄 ‎(sut tan))
  4. : sigh
    (eumhun reading: 한숨쉴 ‎(hansumswil tan))
  5. : ripping clothing
    (eumhun reading: 터질 ‎(ot teojil tan))
  6. : be born
    (eumhun reading: ‎(nal tan))
  7. : bullet
    (eumhun reading: 탄알 탄 ‎(tanal tan))
  8. : avoid
    (eumhun reading: 꺼릴 ‎(kkeoril tan))
  9. : sigh
    (eumhun reading: 탄식할 ‎(tansikhal tan))
  10. : tolerant
    (eumhun reading: 너그러울 ‎(neogeureoul tan))
  11. : complete
    (eumhun reading: 다할 ‎(dahal tan))
  12. : spread open
    (eumhun reading: ‎(pyeol tan))
  13. : rapids
    (eumhun reading: 여울 탄 ‎(yeoul tan))
  14. : palsy
    (eumhun reading: 중풍 탄 ‎(jungpung tan))

Etymology 3[edit]

Inflected form



  1. Past determiner of 타다 (tada), thus often burnt or embarked
    불에 숭례문bure tan Sungnyemun ― the burnt Sungnyemun gate
    버스를 beoseureul tan hu ― after getting on the bus...