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-iainen ‎(front vowel harmony variant -iäinen)

  1. Forms certain nouns.
    tulla ‎(to come) → tuliainen ‎(souvenir)
    kuori ‎(crust) → kuoriainen ‎(beetle)
  2. Forms names of ceremonies from verbs (used in plural form).
    avata ‎(to open) → avajaiset ‎(opening)
    haudata ‎(to bury) → hautajaiset ‎(funeral)
  3. Forms certain vulgar nouns.
    paska ‎(shit) → paskiainen ‎(bastard, asshole)
    muta ‎(mud) → mutiainen ‎(dark-skinned person)


Inflection of -iainen (Kotus type 38/nainen, no gradation)
nominative -iainen -iaiset
genitive -iaisen -iaisten
partitive -iaista -iaisia
illative -iaiseen -iaisiin
singular plural
nominative -iainen -iaiset
accusative nom.? -iainen -iaiset
gen. -iaisen
genitive -iaisen -iaisten
partitive -iaista -iaisia
inessive -iaisessa -iaisissa
elative -iaisesta -iaisista
illative -iaiseen -iaisiin
adessive -iaisella -iaisilla
ablative -iaiselta -iaisilta
allative -iaiselle -iaisille
essive -iaisena -iaisina
translative -iaiseksi -iaisiksi
instructive -iaisin
abessive -iaisetta -iaisitta
comitative -iaisineen

Derived terms[edit]