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  1. Advanced Aircraft Corps
  2. Aerial Ambulance Company
  3. Aeronautical Advisory Council
  4. Agility Association of Canada
  5. Alameda Arts Council
  6. Alaskan Air Command
  7. All-American Canal
  8. Aluminum Annodizers Council
  9. Allumnae Advisory Center
  10. American Academy of Criminalists
  11. American Airlines Center
  12. American Alpine Club
  13. American Anglican Council
  14. American Archery Council
  15. American Association of Criminology
  16. American Atheist Center
  17. Amphibian Airplanes of Canada
  18. Anglo-American Corporation
  19. (military) Anti-aircraft Corps
  20. (British, US) Army Air Corps; Army Air Corps
  21. Army Apprentices College
  22. Association of Alabama Camps
  23. Association of American Choruses
  24. Atlanta Athletic Club
  25. Australian Agricultural Company
  26. Australian Apprentiship Centre
  27. Australian Association of Chiropractors
  28. (historical) Auto Avia Contruzione, Enzo Ferrari's first company.
  29. Automotive Advertisers Council
  30. Auxiliary Artillery Corps
  31. Auxiliary Army Corps



  1. American Cement Corporation, stock exchange symbol.


AAC (countable and uncountable, plural AACs)

  1. Initialism of advanced audio coding.
  2. Initialism of aerated autoclaved concrete.
  3. (aviation) Initialism of aeronautical approach chart.
  4. Initialism of affirming Anglican catholicism.
  5. Initialism of aircraft armament change.
  6. Initialism of anesthesiologist assistant certified.
  7. Initialism of Anno ante Christum., in the year before Christ.
  8. (military) Initialism of anti-aircraft command.
  9. Initialism of area advisory committee.
  10. Initialism of augmentative and alternative communication.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Initialism of American Alumni Council., now known as Council for Advancement and Support of Education
  2. (dated) Initialism of Association of American Colleges., now known as Association of American Colleges and Universities
  3. (dated) Australian Air Corps, now known as Royal Australian Air Force



Proper noun[edit]


  1. Initialism of Associação Académica de Coimbra (Coimbra Academic Association).