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The following is a list of sexual slurs that are, or have been, commonly or notably used to refer to members of a given sexual minority, gender, sex, or sexual orientation in a derogatory or pejorative manner. This list is comprised of slurs that have named references.

It is not uncommon for minority groups to adopt an originally disparaging term and use it of themselves, as an act of self-assertion.



butt pirate


  • carpet-cleaner - (North America) A man that performs cunnilingus on a woman after another man has ejaculated into the woman, thus "cleaning the carpet". first used in Dallas, Texas 1950s to modern times.
  • calientapollas - (Spain) a cock-teaser [from calentar to warm + polla penis][11]
  • carpet-muncher - (North America & British) a lesbian. First used in the late 1900s [3] (p. 67.)
  • cazo - (Spain) criminal slang: a pimp.[1] (p. 128.)
  • changa - (Latin America) a prostitute. [1](p. 134.)
  • chapero - (Spain) a. a male prostitute, b. a queer [11] (p. 206.)
  • Cleveland Steamer- Cleveland steamer (plural Cleveland steamers) (slang) A sexual act involving defecating on someone's chest, then sitting in it and rolling back and forth like a steamroller.
  • cock-chafer - a female permitting and assuming most intimacies but not the greatest [first used in the 1600s] [12]
  • cock pimp - an assumed--but rarely an actual--husband to a whore [12]
  • cocksucker - person who (qv) engages in fellatio|Oral_sex#Fellatio|fellatio. By extension, a low or worthless person.
  • cola - (Spanish) adjective: gay; someone's bitch. [7]
  • crow - a girl or woman, esp. one who is old or ugly; frequently in phrase "old crow" [7]
  • cumdumpster. A person, male or female, who intakes excessive amounts of semen during sexual intercourse.
  • cunt. Female Genitalia. [13]


  • dog - an unattractive woman or girl. Also occasionally: an unattractive man[7] (op. cit.)
  • dutch boy - [late 1900s on] (U.S.) a man--gay or straight--who likes to be around lesbians [7] (p. 116.)
  • Dyke. Lesbian. [14]
  • Diesel Dyke - (North America) Butch lesbians. The term has been discussed by Daniel Buring in the context of the American South: Diesel dyke was the woman who dressed in men's clothing, boots, even to black leather a lot of times- rompin', stompin' dyke. A diesel duke was typically one who didn't care who knew she was gay and had a very, very feminine woman. [15]


  • fagbasket. A promiscuous homosexual man.
  • Faggot, fag. Homosexual male.
  • faggot master / faggoteer - obsolete: a whore monger [first used ca. 1825][12] (p. 374.)
  • faggy - a gay man, especially one who is usually penetrated in anal sex [first used ca. 1965][12] (loc. cit.)
  • fag hag - a woman who likes the company of gay and bisexual men. Often used disparagingly in the gay community to refer to unattractive women who seek the company of gay men because of their inability to attract heterosexual partners, or women who want to date or have sex with gay men. [16]
  • fag hole - a mouth or anus if the male is gay [originated ca. 1945][12]
  • fairy - male homosexual (OED|Oxford English Dictionary|OED)
  • fish - used in a very derogatory sense by gay males to refer to women [17]
  • fudgepacker - a term used for the man who penetrates in anal sex. [18]


  • gay - homosexual. Often (c. 2000) used as a synonym for lame or ineffectual. A reclaimed slur.


  • Minger - (British) Remarkably ugly person of the opposite sex, especially with regard to women.[19]
  • muffdiver. - A person of either sex who performs cunnilingus.
  • Munter - (British)(colloq.) Alternative for 'Minger'.[20]


  • one - (U.S.) A gay male. Used from the 1930s to the 1960s.[8] (p. 52.)
  • one of those - (U.S.) A gay male. Coined in the late 1800s.[8] (p. 871.)
  • one way - (U.S.) A straight person. Used in the gay community in the 1960s.[8] ( p. 872.)



  • Queen - male homosexual (OED). Gore Vidal, in his 1948 novel The City and The Pillar writes, "The words "fairy" and "pansy" were considered to be in bad taste. It was fashionable to say that a person was "gay". A person who was quite effeminate, like Rolloson, was called a "queen". [23]
  • Queer - slang for a homosexual.



  • sheepshagger / sheep shagger - (Welsh / N.Z.) a man who engages in or is said to engage in sexual intercourse with sheep [military slang first used in the 1950s] Originally what Welsh/New Zealander people "allegedly" spend their spare time doing(UK)[7] (op. cit.)
  • shirtlifter - active homosexual.[25]
  • skank - a person (esp. a woman) regarded as unattractive, sleazy, sexually promiscuous, or immoral [originally U.S.][7] (op. cit.)
  • slut. slovenly or sexually promiscuous woman (OED|Oxford English Dictionary|OED)
  • sperm burper - a gay man, usually one who sucks on penises [first used in the 1990s][8] (p. 1119.) Also, anyone who performs fellatio.
  • streetwalker - a prostitute [26]
  • switch hitter - A bisexual [adapted from baseball terminology for a player who bats both right- or left-handed; late 20th century]. At most this is mildly pejorative. [27]
  • sword swallower - someone--male or female--who deepthroats penises [originally Australian, 1800s][8] (1168.)


  • tabby - an old woman. first used in the late 1700s [8] (p. 1170.)
  • tearoom queen - a gay male who specializes in having sex in public restrooms[3] (p. 345.)
  • teaser - a sexually loose female[3] (p. 345.)
  • teeny weeny - (U.S.) a male with a small penis. first used in the mid-1950s[3] (p. 346.)
  • tender parnel - a DeSouza prostitute who works in a brothel. used from the late 1600s to the 1800s[8] (p. 1188.)
  • ten o'clock girl - a London prostitute [1930s-1950s. from the time convicts had to surrender their bail to a magistrate][8]
  • terry toon - (Australia) a pimp who lives off of a prostitute. first used in the 1970s[8] (p. 1189.)
  • thais - a prostitute. used in the 1800s[8]
  • that way - homosexual[3] (p.346.)
  • thespian - (U.K.) a lesbian[3] (p. 347.)
  • third-legger - (African Americans) a promiscuous woman. [first used in the 1980s][8] (p. 1194.)
  • three-dollar bill - (U.S.) a homosexual. [From "queer as a three-dollar bill". Queer used to mean "fake" from the 1600s to the 1800s][3] (p.347.)
  • three-legged beaver - (U.S.) A gay male. In citizens band radio slang, a woman is a beaver. The third leg is the penis. [3] (p.347.)
  • three-letter man - (U.S.) A gay male. From FAG. [3] (p. 131.) Not to be confused with a five-letter woman, a bitch. [3] (p. 131.)
  • thot - (U.S) Slang for a promiscuous woman.
  • three-way girl - (U.S.) a woman who practices w:sexual intercourse, anal sex, and oral sex. used from the early 1900s to the present[3] (p. 348.)
  • tickle-tail - (British) a lewd woman[3] (p. 349.)
  • tickle-your-fancy - (British) a gay male[3] (p. 349.)
  • tosser - (British) primarily an insult suggesting the person on the receiving end masturbates. Synonyms include wanker and jerk (US). [28]
  • trap - A transgender woman.



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