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CCA (plural CCAs)

  1. Initialism of controller of certifying/certification authorities.
  2. Initialism of car club of America.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Initialism of California College of the Arts.
  2. Initialism of Centre for Contemporary Arts.
  3. Initialism of Coastal Conservation Association.
  4. Initialism of Corrections Corp of America.
  5. Initialism of Canadian Cat Association.
  6. Initialism of California Culinary Academy.
  7. Initialism of Call Centre Association.
  8. Initialism of Canadian Construction Association.
  9. Initialism of Christian Conference of Asia.
  10. Initialism of Canadian Cycling Association, former name of Cycling Canada Cyclisme
  11. Initialism of Center for Computational Aesthetics.
  12. Initialism of Chandigarh College of Architecture.
  13. Initialism of Centre for Corporate Accountability. (Closed down in 2009)
  14. Initialism of Corporate Council on Africa.
  15. Initialism of Career College Association.
  16. (Australia) Initialism of Commonwealth Copyright Administration.
  17. Initialism of Computer Corporation of America, a computing company founded in 1965 and acquired in 2010 by Rocket Software
  18. Initialism of Canadian Chiropractic Association.
  19. Initialism of Canadian Council of Archives.
  20. Initialism of Caribbean Contemporary Arts.
  21. Initialism of Canadian Conference of the Arts, discontinued in 2012
  22. Initialism of Canadian Cartographic Association.
  23. Initialism of Calgary Construction Association.



  1. Certified Crop Advisor
  2. Citrix Certified Administrator
  3. Common Component Architecture
  4. Computability and Complexity in Analysis
  5. Chromated Copper Arsenate
  6. Consumer & Corporate Affairs
  7. Coca-Cola Amatil
  8. Centre for Creative Arts
  9. C Code Analyzer
  10. Conference of Consulting Actuaries
  11. Colon Cancer Alliance
  12. Continental Chess Association
  13. Clear Channel Assessment
  14. Cold Cranking Amperes
  15. (Singapore, education) cocurricular activity