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HOT (countable and uncountable, plural HOTs)

  1. (electronics) Acronym of hybrid-orientation technology. (CMOS fabrication technology that uses PMOS and NMOS substrates with differing orientations)
  2. (electronics) Acronym of hybrid-orientation technique. (a technique that applies the technology)
  3. (automotive) Acronym of high-output turbo. (turbocharger)
  4. (traffic control) Acronym of high occupancy or toll lane.
  5. (video games) Initialism of health over time: a status effect that restores health points as time passes
    Antonym: DOT


HOT (not comparable)

  1. (traffic control) Acronym of high occupancy or toll.

Coordinate terms[edit]

(high occupancy or toll):

Related terms[edit]

(high occupancy or toll):

  • HOV (high-occupancy vehicle)