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Etymology 1[edit]

From Hamilton (a surname) +‎ -ian, alluding to either Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1865) or American politician Alexander Hamilton (1755-1804).


Hamiltonian (not comparable)

  1. (mathematics) Of, attributed to or inspired by the Irish mathematician, astronomer and physicist William Rowan Hamilton (1805–1865).
  2. (mathematics, graph theory, of a cycle/path) That visits each vertex exactly once.
  3. (mathematics, graph theory, of a graph) Containing a Hamiltonian cycle.
  4. (historical, chiefly US, of certain fiscal policies) Advocated by Alexander Hamilton.
  5. Relating to James Hamilton (1769-1831), or his method of teaching languages without grammar, by a literal interlinear word-for-word translation.
  6. Relating to Sir William Hamilton, 9th Baronet (1788–1856), Scottish metaphysician.
Derived terms[edit]


Hamiltonian (plural Hamiltonians)

  1. (physics, quantum mechanics) The observable, denoted by H, that corresponds to the total energy of the system.
  2. (historical, chiefly US) A member of the faction of the US government in the George Washington administration led by Alexander Hamilton.
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From Hamilton (a place name) +‎ -ian.


Hamiltonian (comparative more Hamiltonian, superlative most Hamiltonian)

  1. Of or relating to any city named Hamilton.


Hamiltonian (plural Hamiltonians)

  1. A native or inhabitant of any city named Hamilton.