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Alternative forms[edit]


See Laurence.


Proper noun[edit]

Lawrence (countable and uncountable, plural Lawrences)

  1. A male given name from Latin, the usual spelling of Laurence in the U.S.; masculine of Lauren
    • 2003, Elise Title, Inside Out: A Mystery, St.Martin's Minotaur, published 2003, →ISBN, page 69:
      "I named him Lawrence. After my father. Pete, that's my husband, he never really liked the name Lawrence. He thought it wasn't very..." she shut her eyes for a moment, shaking her head slowly, "...very masculine." She opened her eyes and smiled ruefully. " That's a good one, isn't it?"
  2. A surname originating as a patronymic.
    • 2007, John Dunning, The Bookworm's Last Fling, Simon & Schuster, published 2007, →ISBN, page 321:
      "My name is Richard Lawrence."
      Candice thought he had a storybook name. Like Lawrence of Arabia, she said, but what she always called him was Ricky. Just a jump away from Tricky Dicky.
  3. A placename:
    1. A city, the county seat of Douglas County, Kansas, United States.
    2. A city in Massachusetts, United States and one of the two county seats of Essex County.
    3. A number of townships in the United States, listed under Lawrence Township.
    4. A small town in Otago, New Zealand, named after Henry Montgomery Lawrence.
  4. (US, law, sexuality, US politics, informal, uncountable) Ellipsis of Lawrence v. Texas. A 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex sexual relations; and reaffirmed the existence of a right to privacy under due process following the 14th Amendment.
    Coordinate terms: Eisenstadt, Obergefell, substantive due process
  5. A haze caused by heat; named after a third-century Christian killed by Emperor Valerian by being burned.

Derived terms[edit]