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PDA (countable and uncountable, plural PDAs)

  1. (electronics) Initialism of personal digital assistant.
    • 1998 November 16, Paul Floren, “Digital Assistants Get Sophisticated”, in International Herald Tribune[1], →ISSN:
      Despite the fast pace of innovation in PDAs, particularly this year, a number of standards have emerged allowing software makers the security needed to invest in developing extensive software for three platforms: the PalmPilot made by 3Com, the Psion Series 5 by Psion and Windows CE devices made by a group of companies including Philips, Sharp Electronics, Casio Corp. and Hewlett Packard Corp.
  2. (colloquial) Initialism of public display of affection.
    • 2015 April, Rachel Hawkins, chapter 7, in Miss Mayhem, →ISBN:
      I was still pretty firmly anti-PDA, but when David kissed me—quickly, but firmly—I decided that every once in a while, it wasn’t so bad.
  3. (computing theory) Initialism of pushdown automaton.
  4. Initialism of property damage accident.
  5. Initialism of pathological demand avoidance.
  6. (medicine) Initialism of patent ductus arteriosus.
  7. (manufacturing) Initialism of production data acquisition.
  8. (medicine) Initialism of peridural anesthesia.
  9. (cryptocurrencies, Solana) Initialism of program derived address.





PDA m (plural PDAs)

  1. PDA; personal digital assistant (hand-held electronic organiser)