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Red (plural Reds)

  1. A Communist.
    • 1941, George Orwell, The Lion and the Unicorn, Pt. I:
      The policeman who arrests the "Red" does not understand the theories the "Red" is preaching; if he did, his own position as bodyguard of the monied class might seem less pleasant to him.
    • 1954 November 27, “Red Assault on Tiny Isle Beaten Off, Say Nationalists”, in The Daily Colonist[1], volume 96, number 294, Victoria, British Columbia, page 1, columns 6, 7:
      First reports were that the Reds, in five gunboats and swarms of junks, succeeded in landing on tiny Wuchiu in Formosa Strait, but were beaten off with many captured. []
      The attack on Wuchiu, a mile-long, half-mile-wide island 15 miles off the mainland, was the first amphibious operation by the Reds since they began boasting last summer they would "liberate" Formosa.
    • 1963 December 18, Chinatown News[2], page 12:
      Teng left China just before the Red takeover to come to this country.
    • 1989, James Cameron, The Abyss:
      Sixty knots? No way, Barnes. The Reds don't have anything that fast.
  2. A supporter of a sports team who wears red as part of their kit.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A nickname given to someone who has or had red hair.



  1. Communist
    the Red Army


Alemannic German[edit]


From Old High German redia, radia, from Proto-Germanic *raþjǭ, *raþjō. Cognate with German Rede, English rede.


Red f

  1. (Uri) speech



Proper noun[edit]

la Red f

  1. Alternative letter-case form of red; Net
    • 2020 June 28, Rosa Montero, “Más brutos y no nacemos”, in El País[3], Madrid, ISSN 1134-6582:
      De eso se aprovechan esos malnacidos que atiborran la Red de falsedades o de noticias antiguas que hacen pasar por nuevas, lo cual está volviendo tarumba al personal.
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