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Ein Schritt in Schritt


From Middle High German schrit, from Old High German scrit, from Proto-Germanic *skriþiz or *skridiz. Compare *skrīþaną (to walk, crawl), whence schreiten. Cognate with Dutch schrede.


  • IPA(key): [ʃʁɪtʰ], [ʃrɪtʰ]
  • Rhymes: -ɪt
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  • (file)


Schritt m (genitive Schrittes or Schritts, plural Schritte, diminutive Schrittchen n)

  1. step, footstep, a single instance of walking
    • 1876, from the final poem of Dahn's Ein Kampf um Rom:
      Gebt Raum, ihr Völker, unsrem Schritt.
      Wir sind die letzten Goten.
      Wir tragen keine Krone mit,
      Wir tragen einen Toten.
      Make way, ye peoples, before our footstep.
      We are the last of the Goths,
      We carry no crown with us,
      We carry a corpse.
  2. the horse gait called walk
  3. crotch, the area between the human legs close to the genitals or comprising them
  4. any of several obsolete linear measures about as long as a man steps, that is about 70–80 cm
  5. any imaginary measure that is likened in its partitioning to the distance traveled by a leg moving forward in its single footsteps
    Er war uns einige Schritte voraus.He was a few steps ahead of us.
    Leg einen Schritt zu!Faster!
  6. step, the part of a measure in the sense of an action one takes
    Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, sind folgende Schritte durchzuführen:To reach this end, the following steps need to be performed:
  7. Ellipsis of Schrittgeschwindigkeit
    Fahren Sie Schritt!Drive as fast as a pedestrian walks!



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Schritt m (plural Schritte, diminutive Schrittche)

  1. step

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