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  • A combination of Latin sonus (sound) and sonny (boy, diminutive)


Proper noun[edit]


  1. An international electronics and media company based in Tokyo, Japan.
    • 1980, Timothy Crouse, The Boys on the Bus, Ballantine Books, ISBN 0345270983, page 16
      Connie Chung, the pretty Chinese CBS correspondent, occupied the room next to mine at the Hyatt House and she was always back by midnight, reciting a final sixty-second radio spot into her Sony or absorbing one last press release before getting a good night’s sleep.
    • 1993, Martha Gever, Pratibha Parmar, and John Greyson, Queer Looks, Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Film and Video, Routledge, ISBN 041590742X, page 76
      he mostly makes videos—virtually reinventing the diary form with his Sony 8 scrapbook.
    • 1995, Victor J. Ramraj, Concert of Voices, An Anthology of World Writing in English, Broadview Press, ISBN 1551110253, page 297
      My memoirs. At night I leave a Sony by my bed. Night is the best time for remembering.
    • 1999, Peter Cook, Archigram, Princeton Architectural Press, ISBN 1568981945, page 113
      The common threads that exist between the fisherman and his Sony and the project above. Robert Smithson's 'Incidents of mirror travel in the Yucatan' are important.
    • 2002, Alexander J. Morin, Classical Music, The Listener's Companion, Backbeat Books, ISBN 0879306386, page 98
      Bernstein always understood this symphony, and his Sony recording was for many years one of the best.
    • 2003, Nadine Condon, Hot Hits, Cheap Demos, The Real-World Guide to Music Business Success, Backbeat Books, ISBN 0879307625, page 34
      Gary’s roster currently has Tritt and two new Sony artists soon to be hugely famous, JEB and Christy Sutherland.
    • 2006, Joseph Finder, Killer Instinct, St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0312347472, page 5
      Most of the e-mails were blowback from the departure of our divisional vice president, Crawford, who’d just jumped ship to Sony.