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  1. (narratology) Unresolved sexual tension.
    • 1998, John Cloud, "Cinema: An X-Phile Confesses", Time, 22 June 1998:
      Being a hard-core "noromo" (parlance for "no romancer," someone who believes the show's UST, or unresolved sexual tension, is the key to its vitality), I have also flamed "shippers" ("relationshippers," those who want Mulder and Scully to get it on in the film) with now embarrassing vituperations, such as, "Why don't you just go get the lame job you're destined for at the state budget office?"
    • 2006, Maureen Paton, "Self-made Marion", Daily Mail, 20 October 2006:
      Fanny has to be wooed with tenderness and humility - cue much UST (Hollywoodese for Unresolved Sexual Tension) as their slow-burn romance creates an incredible chemistry between Russell and Marion.
    • 2008, Rosalie Higson, "Light touches add amusement to crime", The Australian, 7 June 2008:
      Oyelowo is a fashion victim and trots around her new patch in pretty stilettos. She changes her outfit and hair at least four times in each episode and spends a lot of time bickering with her new boss. Oh, did I mention they were an item long ago? Hence all that UST.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:UST.
  2. (combinatorics) Uniform spanning tree.