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Note, IPA refers to International Phonetic Alphabet, not India pale ale, which you can also find in Leeds.



  1. 'H' is sometimes pronounced at the start of the word, sometimes not
    hurt (/hɜːt/ or /ɜːt/)


  1. Like the letter 't', the letter 'r' is often omitted at the end of a word
    butter (/ˈbʌʔ.ə/)
  2. Often omitted after a vowel sound before a consonant sound
    cart (/kɑːʔ/), note the final 't' is also missing here, see above
  3. Not usually omitted when separating vowel sounds
    keyring (/ˈkiːˌɹɪŋ/)
  4. Not omitted in as the first letter of a word
    rack (/ɹæk/)
  5. Not omitted in combinations such as -cr-, -dr-, -fr-, -gr-, -pr-, -tr-, -vr- and -wr-
    crime (/kɹaɪm/), drug (/dɹʌɡ/), tram (/tɹæm/)


The letter 't' is pronounced as a glottal stop in many situations. It is however pronounced /t/ in the following situations:

  1. As the first letter of a word:
    tip (/tɪp/)
  2. In the combinations -st- and -tr-:
    strap (/stɹæp/), restock (/ˈɹiː.ˌstɒk/)
  3. In many instances between two syllables, especially between two vowel sounds
    attire (/ə.ˈtaɪ.ə/), atop (/ə.ˈtɒp/)


  1. Not generally pronounced as the last like of a word
    spot (/spɒʔ/, cat (/kæʔ/)
  2. Many instances in the middle of a word
    butter (/ˈbʌʔ.ə/), rattle (/ˈɹæʔ.əl/)


  1. 'Y' at the end of a word is pronounced /ɪ/ rather than /i/
    merry (/ˈmɛ.ɹɪ/)


In the phrase be right (it will be alright), right is pronounced /ɹeɪt/ to rhyme with rate. The phrase as a whole is pronounced /bɪˈɹeɪt/, as berate.