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Registered Wiktionary editor since March 11, 2007.

I am a retired university professor in Ontario, Canada. In Wiktionary I have added and edited philosophical terms and Canadianisms, and enjoy contributing idioms. I also like to root about at random. I make a special effort to add literary and scholarly quotations to entries, as well as verified references.

My Wikipedia user page is here.

My Wikimedia Commons photos are here.

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Quotations: Acad journal:circular argument, Bible:fervent, Book(ed):sticking point, G&M:Timbit, Lit:akin, nark, Misc:egress, hyperbole, Winnipegger, NYT:little emperor, Ruakh:under erasure, TimeMag:straightforward, TimesOL:spiffing, Web:chump-change, joe job
References: Templates, AmHeritIdioms:mutual admiration society, CambrAdv:troubleshooting, CdnEnc:notwithstanding clause, fry, Encarta:Jeeves, Marines:numbnuts, OED2nd:smithers, RHWUED&OED2nd:busy work.
Usage notes: beg the question, druthers
Footnotes: ambulance chaser, outport, undoubtably
Multiple plural forms: compendium
Always plural: BVD's, dog days, druthers, smithers, short hairs, tix, trappings
with {{infl}} second thoughts, creative differences