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Abafar (to become foggy; to smother) +‎ -ado.



abafado m (feminine singular abafada, masculine plural abafados, feminine plural abafadas, comparable)

  1. (of weather or a location) muggy, sultry (hot and humid)
    Esta casa está abafada, melhor ligar o ventilador.
    This house is sultry, better turn on the fan.
    Synonym: mormacento
  2. (of sound) muffled (almost mute; deadened)
    Deste um pontapé na caixa. Ouves um estilhaçamento abafado.
    You kicked the crate. You hear a muffled shatter.
    Synonym: sufocado
  3. (figuratively, of a facial expression) which the person attempted to prevent
    O homem austero deu um sorriso abafado.
    The austere man gave a smothered smile.
  4. (figuratively, of a scandal) which has been hidden from the public
    Synonyms: escondido, ocultado
  5. (Brazil, slang) stolen (that has been stolen)
  6. (oenology, of wine) whose fermentation process has been interrupted by the addition of a spirit


Related terms[edit]


abafado (feminine singular abafada, masculine plural abafados, feminine plural abafadas)

  1. masculine singular past participle of abafar
    • 2005, Lya Wyler (translator), J. K. Rowling (English author), Harry Potter e o Enigma do Príncipe (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), Rocco, page 138:
      O protesto de Hermione foi abafado por uma risadinha alta.
      Hermione's objection was interrupted by a loud little laugh.