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From Proto-Baltic *agras, from Proto-Indo-European *ag-ro-s, from *h₂eg- with -ro “spike, top, beginning.” This stem is apparently a variant of *h₂eḱ-(sharp), whence Ancient Greek ἄκρος(ákros, sharp, pointed), Latin ācer(sharp) (< *h₂ḱrós). If this is true, Latvian agrs would originally have meant “sharp,” from which “fast, quick” and finally “early.” Cognates include Hittite ẖegur(peak, cliff), Sanskrit अग्रम्(ágram, spike, peak, beginning), Avestan [script needed](agrō, first), [script needed](agrəm, beginning).[1]




agrs (def. agrais, comp. agrāks, sup. visagrākais; adv. agri)

  1. early (relating to the beginning phase of some period of time)
    agrs rīts‎ ― early morning
    no agra rīta līdz vēlam vakaram‎ ― from early morning until late night
    agrais feodālisms‎ ― early feudalism
    agrā renesanse‎ ― early Renaissance
    bija vēl agrs pavasaris, naktī pieturējās sals, un sniegs vēl nebija nokusis‎ ― it was still early spring, the night was still frosty, and the snow had not yet melted
  2. early (relating to the first morning hours)
    celties agri‎ ― to get up early
    vēl agrs... saule nav lēkusi, bet debess rīta pamalē sāk jau sārtot‎ ― still early... the sun has not risen, but in the morning sky horizon it is already becoming red (= light)
  3. early (relating to the initial periods of a person's life)
    agrā jaunībā uzsākt darba gaitas‎ ― to start work at an early age (lit. in early youth)
  4. early (which happens before its usual time)
    šogad agrs pavasaris‎ ― this year (there is) an early spring
    atnākt par agru‎ ― to come too early
    jau vakars... no slapjajiem laukiem kāpj gaisā bieza migla... aizklāj debesis un atveļ agru tumsu‎ ― already evening... from the wet fields a light, thick smog rose... it shielded the sky and allowed an early darkness
  5. early (which happens, appears before others of the same type)
    braukt ar agro vilcienu‎ ― to travel on an early train
    agri braucēji‎ ― early riders, travelers
    agrie dārzeņi‎ ― early vegetables
    Priekuļu agrie kartupeļi aizceļojuši arī uz tādiem tāliem rajoniem kā Piejūras novads, Kamčatka...‎ ― early potatoes from Priekuļi have traveled to such far-away regions as Primorsky Krai or Kamchatka (Peninsula)




Derived terms[edit]


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