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From Proto-Finno-Ugric *ajŋe (brain), cognate to Finnish aivot and Estonian aju.[1] Earlier compared with e.g. Finnish otsa (forehead), Komi-Zyrian водз (vodź, fore, front), Komi-Permyak одз (odź, front part) and derived from a suggested Finno-Ugric root *ońća,[2][3] but most of these words are today considered to be loanwords derived by various routes from Proto-Indo-European *h₂entíos (front part, forehead). Reintroduced by Ferenc Toldy during the Hungarian language reform, which took place in the 18th–19th centuries..


  • IPA(key): [ˈɒɟ]
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ɒɟ


agy (plural agyak)

  1. (anatomy) brain (control center of the central nervous system), (in compounds) cerebral (of or relating to the brain)
    agykárosodásbrain damage
    agykéregcerebral cortex
  2. (mostly in set phrases) brains, mind, intellect (the figurative substance of a brain; mental ability)
    Synonyms: ész, elme, tudat, szellem, értelem
  3. butt (of a rifle or pistol)
    Synonyms: puskaagy, puskatus, tus
    • 2012, Miklós Gábor Kövesdi (translator), Kathy Reichs, A csontok nem hazudnak (Deadly Décisions), Ulpius-ház →ISBN, chapter 31, page 310:
      Szabad kezével a cipzárján kezdett matatni. Mikor kinyitotta, láttam, hogy egy 38-as agya lóg ki a derékövéből.
      With his free hand Tank fumbled with the zipper of his jacket. When it opened I could see the butt of a .38 tucked into his waistband.
  4. hub (of a wheel)
    Synonym: kerékagy


Inflection (stem in -a-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative agy agyak
accusative agyat agyakat
dative agynak agyaknak
instrumental aggyal agyakkal
causal-final agyért agyakért
translative aggyá agyakká
terminative agyig agyakig
essive-formal agyként agyakként
inessive agyban agyakban
superessive agyon agyakon
adessive agynál agyaknál
illative agyba agyakba
sublative agyra agyakra
allative agyhoz agyakhoz
elative agyból agyakból
delative agyról agyakról
ablative agytól agyaktól
possessive - singular
agyé agyaké
possessive - plural
agyéi agyakéi
Possessive forms of agy
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. agyam agyaim
2nd person sing. agyad agyaid
3rd person sing. agya agyai
1st person plural agyunk agyaink
2nd person plural agyatok agyaitok
3rd person plural agyuk agyaik

Derived terms[edit]

Compound words


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Further reading[edit]

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