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Shelf cloud, a type of arcus


Borrowed from Latin arcus.


arcus (plural arci)

  1. (medicine) A white band of cholesterol that forms at the edge of the cornea
  2. (meteorology) A low, horizontal cloud typically forming at the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow
  3. (entomology) An elastic band around the base of the arolium, a pad at the end of the leg of certain insects
  4. (palynology) An arc-shaped band of thickened sexine extending between two apertures on a pollen grain or spore

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From Proto-Indo-European *h₂erkʷo- (bow, arrow). Cognate to Old English earh, whence English arrow.



arcus m (genitive arcūs); fourth declension

  1. arc
  2. bow (arc-shaped weapon used for archery)
  3. rainbow


Fourth declension, dative/ablative plural in -ubus.

Case Singular Plural
nominative arcus arcūs
genitive arcūs arcuum
dative arcuī arcubus
accusative arcum arcūs
ablative arcū arcubus
vocative arcus arcūs

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