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belagen ‎(past singular belaagde, past participle belaagd)

  1. (transitive) To beleaguer, waylay
  2. (figuratively, transitive) To vex, harass or beset


Inflection of belagen (weak, prefixed)
infinitive belagen
past singular belaagde
past participle belaagd
infinitive belagen
gerund belagen n
verbal noun
present tense past tense
1st person singular belaag belaagde
2nd person sing. (jij) belaagt belaagde
2nd person sing. (u) belaagt belaagde
2nd person sing. (gij) belaagt belaagde
3rd person singular belaagt belaagde
plural belagen belaagden
subjunctive sing.1 belage belaagde
subjunctive plur.1 belagen belaagden
imperative sing. belaag
imperative plur.1 belaagt
participles belagend belaagd
1) Archaic.

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