bloody hell

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bloody hell (rare in US, Canada, common in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, slang)

  1. An expression of dismay, disgust, anger, surprise etc.
    Bloody hell! My team lost again!
    Bloody hell! Where did you come from, scaring me like that!
    He's not really eating those, is he? Bloody hell! That's disgusting!
    • 2006, Alexandra Ivy, When Darkness Comes, page 32,
      Bloody hell, there was little wonder he was distracted. In the past few hours, he had endured more shocks than he had in centuries.
    • 2007, Ingrid Winterbach, Elsa Silke (translator), To Hell with Cronjé, page 55,
      Bloody hell! To hell with Milner. No, Oom Paul said after each new concession, no, no further. Send the troops, Alfred Milner said.
    • 2007, L. H. Maynard, M. P. N. Sims, Demon Eyes, page 145,
      Bloody hell,” she moaned. “Bloody hell, bloody hell.” Though her hands were trembling, she managed to reload the crossbow just as Sue had told her; then she began to shakily run towards where she thought the sound had come from.
  2. placed before a verb to add emphasis to a sentence.
    What the bloody hell are you doing here?