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From Middle High German brüen, brüejen (to brew, singe, burn), from Old High German *bruojan (to scald, burn), from Proto-Germanic *brōaną (to brew) and related *brewwaną, from Proto-Indo-European *bherw-, *bhrew- (to boil, seethe). Cognate with Middle Dutch broeyen (to heat), Old French bruir (to burn), Old High German briuwan (to brew). More at brew.


  • IPA(key): [bʁyːən]
  • Hyphenation: brü‧hen
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brühen (third-person singular simple present brüht, past tense brühte, past participle gebrüht, auxiliary haben)

  1. (with hot water, transitive) to blanch, pour seething water over
  2. (with tea or coffee, transitive) to brew, put a pot on


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