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bum +‎ -y



bummy (comparative more bummy, superlative most bummy)

  1. (US, informal) Like a bum (homeless person or hobo).
    • 2005, Boye Lafayette De Mente, Romantic Hawaii: Sun, Sand, Surf and Sex, page 46:
      The fact is, they are not nearly as bummy as a lot of the characters we have back home.
    • 2010, David J. Harding, Living the Drama, page 57:
      An unsuccessful dude would dress all bummy and stuff. A successful person would dress like perfect; they'd not dress bummy at all...


bummy (plural bummies)

  1. (childish, slang) bottom; buttocks
    • 2009, Arlene Gorey, My Spanking Diary, page 28:
      “Feel me up and rub your pussy against mine, that'll make the pain in my bummy go away, it will,” she told me. I felt sorry for her. And I guess that's why I let her show me how girls made out without boys.
    • 2001, Lawrence A. Wenzel, The Sandcastle at High Tide, page 174:
      "...Do you mean to tell me they have every man strip and bend over to show his bummy?" "Actually, Malcolm, they do. Physicals, very complete physicals I should add, are required."
    • Jean la Fleur, Mistaken Identity and Other Tales
      Ahh, yes, work that finger faster in my bummy — ooooh darling, you angel — ohhhh, it's nice — what a big ramrod you've got to poke a girl's little hole with. Oh darling, yes I'm hot now! Fuck hard, fuck Carol awfully hard!
    • Dr Guenter Klow, Dominatresses and Boy Sex Slaves page 24
      When she felt that it was firm enough, she whispered, “Now put your hands on the cheeks of my bummy, dear, and open them up so my little hole will be ready for your big sweet cock!”